I think there’s something really profoundly beautiful about this series of scenes and what it says about Joe and Web’s relationship through the series. 

And I’m not talking about the nicknames or the way they move together. Not the way Sisk gives them their space to argue or how even though Web doesn’t approve, he still checks the house to make sure Joe’s safe. Not even the complete and absolute relief on Web’s face when Joe’s gun jams. I think there’s something uniquely special about the way that they’re both begging each other to see things from one another’s side. 

Joe’s mind still trapped back in Landsberg, surrounded by suffering and desperate to make someone pay for it. Web’s filled with the German surrender and how Joe’s soul might be protected from the things he did in war but the war is over and this might be murder. And even in the end, with the blood on Sisk’s hands, Joe finds himself asking for acceptance, for understanding if not for forgiveness.

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