Color Porn
↪ Teen Wolf Ladies - Greek Goddesses

Lydia - Persephone

Allison - Artemis

Erica - Aphrodite

Kira - Hera



this might be my favorite vine

this is my favorite vine

“I can’t want you anymore. It’s killing me.”

Anonymous (via s-29)

Teen Wolf Season 3A and 3B Parallels


Tyler with some gifts from fans

She’s a soul on fire.

“After a quick conversation about the boys breakfast order, the owner asks “Did you meet last night or are you together?” Mickey pauses before eventually responding “Together.” I had no idea what an epic and long awaited moment this had been until later. The scene took about two hours because of the different angles and re-setting things up. Only one mistake was made when Cameron broke character and starting laughing in the middle of the scene. Noel jokingly responded by saying, “All you have to do is sleep… Like most scenes.” I must say those two had great chemistry and seemed close.”

Tales From The Set Of ‘Shameless’ (x)