I think I would choose serenity for the world. What kind of citizen in the world would I be if I didn’t choose that?

"What’s the question that you’re sick of answering? Did I ask it?"

He’s not going to some fucking nut house. You hear me?
He stays here.

Do you ever feel like your life and everything in it is just slowly turning upside down like a ship flipping over in the ocean?




i need feminism because when jesus does a magic trick it’s a goddamn miracle but when a woman does a magic trick she gets burned at the stake


i mean they did also kill jesus. that was a pretty significant thing that happened. like i understand where you’re coming from here but they very much did kill jesus.



“Yes, I wrote my daughter a letter. And that bastard that made me call him Father took pieces of it, that only Allison would know were from me, and used it to manipulate her, to turn her into something she was never supposed to be. I never wanted her to become me. And it got her killed. I will find that man, and I will kill him. Even if I have to come back from the grave.”

Eaddy Mays (as Victoria Argent)’s very powerful answer to the question of whether or not Victoria actually wrote the letter to Allison (via wolftraps)


From Dusk Till Dawn → Seth + Richie Gecko
"Got your balls on?" "Screwed on tight."

I love fashion, I do. It’s a hobby of mine. I think I might start a blog called (‘cos I’m a foodie, which doesn’t really mix) ‘Fashion and French Fries’. Yeah, we’re working on that right now.